Winter is Coming

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Parents, you’ve likely stocked up on OTC meds and first-aid supplies, but revisit your stash. Don’t forget tissue, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, school supplies, printer ink, or paper. And if you’ve been putting off ordering new laptops, the prices will likely drop again momentarily, before spiking again closer to Christmas.


Next, schedule any outstanding checkups or annual wellness exams, spend against this year’s health insurance deductibles to maximize your benefits, and flu shots for everyone. Don’t overlook vitamins, glasses or contacts, and perhaps a dental visit.


If you have space, get a chest freezer, and fill it up with staples. If you don’t, clean and organize your pantry, or takeover a coat closet, and choose shelf-stable foods instead. Pick up a few comfort items and essentials at Costco or Sams, like hot cocoa, coffee, tea, flour, pasta, canned fruit and vegetables, and rice. (It’s not about hoarding, and it doesn’t undermine the principles of abundance).


Look at your calendar for the balance of the year. First, drop in all important dates, occasions, deadlines, and reminders. Next, prioritize them. Pick 3–5 max that matter most to you and the family, and reverse engineer them, so you hit home runs.

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If you have a big family, a fully packed schedule, or both, meal planning will help. I know! I resisted for years too. It’s not sexy, but now that I’ve given in, it does make life so much easier. Rotate the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even snacks that your family loves, which are easy to throw together, making Instacart and meals a breeze. For example, we do poke bowls twice/week. Kids are happy, parents are happy, and they are nutritious too.


If you aren’t going to the gym because of high-risk family members, find one outdoor and one indoor workout that can be your go-to no excuses favorites for at least 90 days. Schedule your physical time and track your progress. Streaks and results can be very motivating.


Check coats, gloves, hats, boots (my son’s feet grew how much?!) before there’s a mad rush on winter gear. Don’t give your kids all the overwhelming options. Instead, do you want blue or green boots, gloves or mittens, snow pants, or a snowsuit?

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Then, if you haven’t DIY’d a mudroom, entrance locker/armoire storage solution, you have time. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and there are hundreds of inspiring photos on Houzz and Pinterest.


Review your work-from-home configuration and audit your learn-from-home arrangement. Do you have the right tech? Is your connectivity working out? Can you order another router, a booster, or plug in directly? Do you need stylus pens, headphones, mics, or webcams? What about lighting, desks, or chairs? Any incremental improvements will boost productivity. Maybe set some micro-goals that help your mindset while you’re at it.


Make a wish list or vision board to remain focused. On Fridays, for example, we research a destination that’s on our bucket list. We watch a couple of travel videos, learn about food, culture, attractions, etc. It’s like a pretend vacation that reminds us the world is a big, beautiful place that we want to explore again (someday).

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According to Vice, ask yourself:

Is there anything you can do now to feel a little less anxious about (gestures tiredly) everything?


Lastly, make a community outreach plan. Think about how you’ll connect with your personal and professional communities, neighbors, friends, and extended family. Maybe you send a weekly newsletter or do a weekly live.

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Fill up

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