7 Things Work-From-Home Employees Wish Their Managers Knew

Remote work isn’t a trend. It may be new to you, your organization, or members of your team, but to treat it as something to be endured is a mistake.

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1. Implement systems

It’s not the time to wing it. There’s enough uncertainty in the world without ambiguity around team protocol and expectations. Adopt a project management system, like Asana, a communication channel, like Slack, and set up a recurring weekly webinar in Zoom.

2. Articulate the vision

Make sure you, as the manager, know your marching orders from above, how they connect to the broader organizational strategies, and create a team plan to implement them.

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3. Trust your team

If you try to micromanage your team, you’ll fail, because of the distance, and you’ll undermine your credibility. Trust your people to show up, do the work, and get to the goal line, any way that works for them.

4. Lead with heart

Everyone is feeling extra pressure and uncertainty right now. Your staff is worried about their family, their future, managing complex home dynamics, and adjusting to new information in real-time. They know what the market is doing and where the economy is heading, and they are grateful to have jobs with the flexibility to work-from-home.

5. Respect their differences

A remote team, spread across time zones, has different tech setups, diverse communication styles, and varying degrees of comfort with visibility. Some will thrive while working from home, some will struggle, most will figure it out, but it may be a big adjustment. It might go smoothly too.

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6. Schedule fun

When everyone is feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed, and trying to figure out how to be relevant without face time, create opportunities to connect and engage. Host open office hours once/week and give everyone a chance to ask anything.

7. Reinforce the big picture

The key to successfully managing a remote team is to realize that your team can still smell the bullsh*t from home, even through their computer screens.

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