You are very brave to write this. Thank you. It made me think about how feeling trapped by motherhood can transform into being liberated by it.

I have three children and started with twins. When I came home from the hospital I realized all of the prep work I did didn’t matter as much as what I didn’t do. I didn’t have honest conversations with my girlfriends, my mother, my husband, anyone. I didn’t know becoming a mom meant full surrender and that by surrendering, you find your way with your child, making tolerable glorious, turning a role into transcendence.

Having a job or career to return to complicates motherhood. It may be financially necessary, it may be a choice, it also can be a means of escaping the surrender. No judgement here, but when Mama doesn’t surrender, mom and baby potentially miss out on some of the magic of being fully immersed in the journey together.

This was a good one, it made me think. Thanks again.

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