“Infectious diseases are scary because they are immediate and personal. They radically and rapidly change how we lead our lives and are an immediate threat to our friends and families. They hit all of our “go” buttons.

Climate change seems to many an Armageddon in slow motion, and its dangers can feel impersonal. It’s easy to think, “I didn’t cause this” or that “it doesn’t directly affect me.”

But there’s another way to look at it. …

I heard this on an Instagram Live over the holidays and wanted to share it with you. I searched and searched but couldn’t find the post or anything related on Google, so I’ll recount it as I heard it. If anyone knows more, please respond.

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God Hid Pieces of Himself in You

All humans used to be gods, but they so dishonored their divinity that God took away their holiness and hid it where it could never be found.

But if God dropped it to the bottom of the ocean, humans would become obsessed with diving down, and if it were hidden on top of the highest mountain, surely we would climb up. And if God buried it in the ground, wouldn’t we destroy the earth to find it?

How could God possibly keep it from our reach?

Finally, God decided to hide our divinity deep in the center of our being, for humans rarely go there. …

Have you chosen a “Word of the Year” before?

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Kristi Andrus (@coachformoms) • Instagram photos and videos

Choosing a word of the year is an alternative to setting New Years Resolutions. Instead, you select one word to be your focus for the year — it’s a theme of sorts. It sets the tone.

You can refer to the word to inform your goals or steer your intentions, but the idea is that it all ties together.

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8-Step Content Creation System

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There were a million reasons to give up in 2020.

When my spin studio closed down in March, I broke a nearly two-year riding streak that, if seen to completion, would have meant riding my 450th ride on my 45th birthday.

I was devastated but also kind of relieved. You know how when you approach the finish line, it gets a little scary? Like you’re excited, but also emotionally attached to the motivation and journey, a little intimated by what comes next? Total head game.

At first, I substituted outdoor biking and YouTube exercise videos. But by mid-summer, I had to accept it just wasn’t the same. …

What was this year? A paradigm shift? A recalibration? A global call to slow down or unite? What in the world happened, and can we make sense of any of it?

Without any further ado, these are my top takeaways from 2020.

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Eye Chart on Etsy

1. When you’re in the zone, the world has little say in your happiness.

Follow your heart — whether it’s a great love, launching a business, creating art, or pursuing a meaningful goal. No matter what, if when you do it, the world falls away, go to that place of flow often.

Get lost where the drama of a pandemic, election, or other external stressors can’t intrude.

2. People who are crazy about you will get it.

There’s so much hype about others not understanding what you want, not getting what you are trying to build, or questioning your choices, but your people, the ones who want the best for you, will get it. …


Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

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What are the stories that you tell yourself? What are the beliefs that drive your actions, behaviors, and results? Are you hanging on to an idea that doesn’t really work for you anymore?

Maybe the stories you grew up with are outdated or irrelevant now. Maybe you’ve changed. Maybe the world has changed. Maybe your stories conflict with where you are going or how you want to live your life. Maybe they were never even true, to begin with.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we don’t know it all, and anything can happen. Sometimes, it takes a seismic shift to change our beliefs. Sometimes, changing just one idea can create a ripple that turns your life in a completely different direction. …

How to Rebound, Reboot, and Reclaim Your Power

This week, a group of us talked about our goals — rehashing this year’s and planning 2021. And, what became painfully obvious was we were all a little bit lost, drowning in all the things, focusing on what we can’t control, feeling a little uncertain. Someone asked a question that changed everything in an instant.

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Imagine yourself in the bullseye of a circle, and you know for sure that it only takes only 20 steps to get to your dream destination. What’s more powerful? Taking 20 steps in one direction or one step in 20 directions?

Well, it’s obvious, right? If we take one step in 20 directions, we basically end up where we started because we are spiraling. But if we see where we are going and stay the course, we will inevitably get there. …

Remember life before kids? I don’t either, but I think I thought I was so busy — Isn’t that funny?

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If you are a working parent, trying to do all the things, feeling overwhelmed, or desperate to move beyond survival mode, this is for you.

As a life and business coach with an arsenal of clarity-building exercises, I’ve outlined two very effective approaches below.

In the first, we flash forward five years and capture the details. How old is Mom? Dad? The kids? The dog? The grandparents? The house? …

Why goals probably won’t work and what’s holding you back.

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Beyonce (or, insert your favorite icon here) is living her best life, so why can’t you? It’s not talent — the one thing you’re missing. Very very few of us have undeniable talent. So, in the absence of talent or without extraordinary genius, how can we achieve stunning success?


Kristi Andrus

Life coach for women. Writer for 29 publications. Happiness, success, productivity, balance, leadership, inspiration. Follow me on Instagram @coachformoms.

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